Rogers Elite Partner

An extension of Rogers for Business + Communication Connections

Sales & Billing: 905-364-0000

Sales & Billing: 905-364-0000

Consists of elite agents dedicated to ensuring your goals are met when working with your company.

Demonstrated a proven track record of commitment to the success of our customers.

With over 30 years of combined telecommunication experience in IT, Telephony and Connectivity

Communication Connections continues to be one of the Top Performers within this program.

Who is Rogers Elite Partners?

Rogers Elite Partners is an extension of the Rogers for Business (R4B) Sales Force under the company Communication Connections (CCCanada). We are a valued resource within the Rogers Sales Organization and our portfolio consists of all Rogers for Business products. We work with a range of small – medium businesses and much more!

Canada's most trusted network

We utilize the best services and provide solutions with the finest sales organization. On the Rogers Network, your company will be guaranteed quality products! As your one and only representative, your company will have a dedicated team to work with – truly a single point of contact. 

We are all here for you as a team to deliver what you need, not what we can sell.

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