Who are Rogers Elite Partners?

To put it simply, Rogers Elite Partners are an extension of our Rogers for Business (R4B) Sales Force.  It is an organization that has demonstrated a proven track record of commitment to the success of customers looking for a better approach to saving costs while increasing technology enhancements. The organization consists of Elite Representatives dedicated to ensuring your goals are met, while at the same time handling any time-consuming non-revenue generating items.

Elite Partners are a valued resource within the Rogers Sales Organization.  Not only do they understand connectivity but combined with their experience in the IT industry they know how to make it all work together. With over 100 years of combined telecommunication experience in IT, Telephony and Connectivity, CCCanada continues to be a top performer within this program.”

We are a dedicated sales force for Rogers, working alongside of other Rogers sales channels.  As Rogers Elite Partners, we can provide discussions and solutions around all of Rogers Business Services in addition to other strategies and technologies that cannot be achieved by Telecoms.  There will never be a reassignment of your account to another representative, because our entire Team is dedicated to your account – literally and truly a Single Point of Contact.  You will never be met by a recorded message from our offices between 8:30AM – 5:30PM; please calls us, tell us your requirement – and let our engine do the rest. As Elite Partners, the sole purpose of our entire team is your success.  We will work to provide you with the best option for connectivity from Rogers, best of breed equipment and services from multiple and cross vendors, at the best rates.  Our partnerships and skill sets extend from Cisco, Lenovo, IBM, HP, Avaya, Microsoft, Fortinet, Datto to name a few.  Regardless of the vendor and technology, if you need it, we will source it and deliver it.  Our Team consists of Telcom, Telephony, Wide Area Network, Local Area Network and software specialists.  We are all here for you as a team to deliver what you need, not what we can sell.

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