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Sales & Billing: 905-364-0000

Sales & Billing: 905-364-0000

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Fibre optic internet offers optimal speed, security and support.

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Symmetrical Speeds

While the need for upload has increased considerably than previous download requirements.  We at Rogers have quickly and efficiently increase symmetrical capacities beyond 10Gbps, to serve our customers.

Reliable Uptime

Keeps your dispersed workers collaborating and potentially prevents lost revenue. Our nationwide fibre backbone has no single point of failure. 4-hour meantime to repair

DDoS Protection

As a Rogers Dedicated or Burstable Internet customer, protect yourself against the growing scourge of volumetric DDoS attacks quickly, cost-effectively and with little to no latency.

Service Level Committments

Redundant, Resilient Multi Point Networks backed by a fully Canadian based 24/7 Local Support Services Team, ensuring maximum up-time and adhering to strict Service Level Agreements

Powerful Performance

Surf quicker, download and upload faster and video-conference smoother. Up to 100 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth. Connected to more than 10 million Rogers customers for more secure, faster delivery.

Flexibility Future Proof (2)

Flexibility for future-proofing

Add services and bandwidth quickly and easily. Multi-service switch, deployed on your site, makes this possible –no future visits or hardware needed. Enable cloud applications to move your business forward

Choose your own Dedicated Fibre plan

Decide what plan works for your company; choose any speed up to 10Gbps. Below is a list of the recommended popular plans:

Up to 200Mbps

$ Starting at 425 / month
  • Static IP address
  • IPv4 Support
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Symmetrical speeds

Up to 100Mbps

$ Starting at 350 / month
  • Static IP address
  • IPv4 Support
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Symmetrical speeds

The Difference between Fibre and Cable/DSL

Feature Fibre Cable/DSL Fibre Benefits
Higher Expense
Lower Expense
You get what you pay for
Symmetrical (100/100)
Asymmetrical (100/20)
Many cloud and voice applications require syymmetry
Speed Limits
Up to 1GBs
Great for data replication, move more data faster
Delivery Method
Dedicated Bandwidth
Shared Bandwidth
Staff Productivity remains Constant
Signal Reliability
Low Latency
Fluctuates based on time of day
Real-Time Applications require Stability
Service Level Agreement
24/7 Live Network Operations Center
Business Hours
Real-Time Monitoring, issues dealt with proactively

Rogers Dedicated Fibre Internet

Fibre is the fastest, most reliable internet that can serve and meet the needs of your business. Talk to one of our representatives today!