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Built on Rogers fibre networks to keep your business safe and your network secure

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High Performance

While the need for upload has increased considerably than previous download requirements.  We at Rogers have quickly and efficiently increase symmetrical capacities beyond 10Gbps, to serve our customers.


Keeps your dispersed workers collaborating and potentially prevents lost revenue. Our nationwide fibre backbone has no single point of failure. 4-hour meantime to repair

National Outreach

As a Rogers Dedicated or Burstable Internet customer, protect yourself against the growing scourge of volumetric DDoS attacks quickly, cost-effectively and with little to no latency.


Redundant, Resilient Multi Point Networks backed by a fully Canadian based 24/7 Local Support Services Team, ensuring maximum up-time and adhering to strict Service Level Agreements


Surf quicker, download and upload faster and video-conference smoother. Up to 100 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth. Connected to more than 10 million Rogers customers for more secure, faster delivery.



Add services and bandwidth quickly and easily. Multi-service switch, deployed on your site, makes this possible –no future visits or hardware needed. Enable cloud applications to move your business forward


The simplest way to build your wide area network (WAN).


  • Connect one site to another
  • No redundancy costs
  • Operated on Rogers Layer 3 fault-tolerant, multi-path
  • No special support needed


  • Defined by a hub that communicates simultaneously or individually with satellite sites
  • Offers considerable control because satellites only talk to each other with the hub’s permission
  • An excellent option for connectivity between many branches


  • Each site is connected to all others sharing a single broadcast domain
  • MEF-certified engineers are readily available to design special use-case solutions

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Networking technology that routes traffic using the shortest path based on “labels”


  • Managed routing

    We can manage your traffic for you so you can stay focused on your business.

  • Varied topologies

    MPLS can be set up with a hub-and-spoke, partially meshed or fully meshed configuration.

  • Diverse access

    MPLS is compatible with fibre, cable and wireless networks.