Rogers for Business First National Carrier to Launch a Managed Solution for Wireless Private Networks

Provides end-to-end control of large enterprise networks with reliable connectivity and coverage in a secure environment

Over the next decade, the number of wireless private networks will double to 14 million globally1, driving $2 Trillion in Gross Domestic Productivity2

Toronto, ON (March 25, 2021) – Today, Rogers for Business announced the launch of a managed solution for Wireless Private Networks (WPN) that provides large businesses with a dedicated on-site wireless network platform to securely connect devices to their network, prioritize network traffic, control sensitive data, and run business applications.

This scalable managed solution delivers high performance with low latency and is suited for businesses in industries including mining, oil and gas, utilities and manufacturing. For example, manufacturers can now connect more sensors, machines, and devices through a single private network, resulting in end-to-end visibility from product order through shipment and delivery.

 “With Canadian businesses on the lookout for the next competitive edge, Wireless Private Networks offer an agile solution that provides reliable and secure network connectivity over large, multi-site areas,” said Dean Prevost, President, Connected Home and Rogers for Business. “Rogers for Business is proud to partner with technology leaders including Ericsson, Expeto, and Cradlepoint to launch this new ‘Enterprise First’ service to business customers.”

As businesses across Canada look to improve and transform their digital capabilities, Wireless Private Networks are a cost-effective and reliable managed network solution for securely connecting employee devices and SIMs – from smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) to autonomous vehicles and robotics.

“We are excited to partner with Rogers and provide the Expeto Enterprise First NeXtworking(TM) platform as a foundation for the WPN solution,” said Michael Anderson, CEO, Expeto. “The WPN solution seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems and provides business customers with the confidence of end-to-end security and control of their network and data. With this industry-first breakthrough, Rogers once again is providing the innovation that will help its customers drive more competitive advantage and meaningful business outcomes for Canadian businesses investing in digital transformation and industry 4.0 initiatives.”

“Cradlepoint private network edge router solutions play a critical role in helping to deliver an enterprise IT experience,” says Jason Falovo, Vice President and General Manager, Cradlepoint Canada. “Business customers want all the benefits that private cellular network solutions uniquely provide, but they don’t want to give up on visibility, security and control as well as interoperability with their existing WAN infrastructures. This is what Cradlepoint and our NetCloud Service delivers along with the Rogers Wireless Private Network partners Ericsson and Expeto.”  

“Enterprises see the enormous potential of wireless private networks to provide the agility, flexibility, security and scale they need to drive real transformation and innovation in their businesses,” said David Everingham, Chief Technology Officer with Ericsson Canada. “By leveraging a trusted managed solution, companies can continue focusing on their core business and not be heavily burdened by having to maintain the infrastructure for a wireless private network.”

Rogers for Business is committed to offering the latest in innovation to Canadian businesses as they work through their digital transformation. While WPN can be deployed on any generation of mobile network technology, it sets the stage for businesses to adopt 5G technology and massively increases the number of devices that can be connected to a private network in real-time for applications such as autonomous mining.

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