Rogers spectrum helps connect northern Quebec residents on brand-new Cree-controlled service provider

Rogers is proud to announce it is helping enable wireless connectivity across northern Quebec, by providing spectrum to brand-new wireless carrier Eeyou Mobility.  This new Cree-controlled service provider will now connect more residents in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities across Quebec. 

Eeyou Mobility will provide local wireless coverage to nine Cree communities and five Jamésien municipalities, improving public safety along key highways and corridors, increasing economic opportunities, and helping residents stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

When travelling to the northern Eeyou Istchee and the James Bay region, Rogers customers will be able to roam on the new Eeyou Mobility network to stay connected. To ensure connectivity to reliable wireless coverage when away from home, Eeyou Mobility customers will have access to Canada-wide roaming on the Rogers network.

We know Canadians want to be able to connect to a reliable network wherever they are, and we are proud to work with Eeyou Mobility as it brings greater access to wireless coverage in even more places.

At Rogers, we are committed to bringing connectivity to remote, northern and Indigenous communities, and this announcement is another example of how we are helping connect residents and business to the moments that matter most.

“We are proud to partner with Eeyou Mobility to help increase economic opportunities, improve public safety, and connect residents and business across northern Quebec to the moments that matter most, both in the Eeyou Istchee and James Bay regions, and beyond. Our customers want high quality wireless access wherever they are, and we are committed to bringing connectivity to remote, northern and Indigenous communities.” – Edith Cloutier, President of Quebec, Rogers Communications 

“Eeyou Companee is proud and excited to be involved in the long overdue improvement of wireless mobile services to our communities and to the region. This project falls squarely within our mandate under the La Grande Agreement with Hydro-Quebec to enhance economic development opportunities for the Crees and to improve conditions in the Cree communities.  As an essential service for Eeyou Istchee and the James Bay region, building improvements to the telecommunications sector is an important step to greater self-determination for our people…” – Henry Gull, President-Treasurer of Eeyou Companee